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Style Guide

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Style Guide

  • CamelCase is not supported. Use Free Links instead (see Text Formatting Rules).
  • Article titles should generally be singular. Then you can easily link to both the singular and the plural form. The obvious exception is when the topic is a plural, like Gnutella Clients or OpenNap Clients.
    • [[file sharing system]]s displayed as file sharing systems
    • [[file sharing system|file sharing systems]] displayed as file sharing systems
    • have the [[file sharing systems]] page with a first line of #REDIRECT [[file sharing system]] to automatically send users to the correct, singular, page.
  • In an article which has more than one section, every section should start with a headline, formatted ==== this way ====.
  • While HTML is available, the intention is to completely remove it and replace those codes with wiki codes. It's best to get used to the wiki codes sooner as later. For example, don't use <B> and </B> for titles when ==== is available.

Some good advice before starting a new page

Try to pause and feel if the page is truly relevant in the grand scheme of iA. Identifying acronyms on separate pages has some small worth, but flying off into collectible memorabilia topics probably doesn't. If you're creating a page linked to by others, chances are it belongs here. Use your good judgement. Be sure to read the homepage and mission statement for ideas on the theme of this wiki.

When creating a new topic page, start from an existing page. Create a link in that existing page then follow it to create the new topic. Stray pages which aren't linked to anything really aren't particularly useful. By starting from an existing topic, you are making a valuable addition to an existing work.

When creating a topic from scratch, try to put forth some good effort into making it useful. Within that page, link to some existing wiki topics and add some good description of the topic. Don't create a one-line topic. Don't create a topic that isn't linked to from another topic. Don't create a topic that doesn't link back to another topic. Try to create a page with some good description that meshes into existing topics.

Some good advice before adding content to a page

  • If a page for a given application exists within this wiki, please link to the page and not directly to the application's homepage. Even if the local wiki page doesn't exist (yet) this is generally preferred. The program's homepage should only be linked to on a wiki page about that program, this way only one page needs to be updated if the address changes.
  • Comments, questions, related discussions and to-do-lists should be put on a separate page called the talk or discussion page. Every page has a link to its talk page, unless the page is already a talk page. In the default MediaWiki layout the link is in the top of the page. The article talk page title is a simple variation of the article title: Talk:Article title. Some pages still have links to /Talk pages. The wiki used to run on a different wiki engine, and /Talk links are remnants of the old system, and can be safely deleted. Adding a comment directly to an article isn't recommended, directly editing to revise an article page is. Be brave.
  • Articles need not necessarily be neutral, but any statement should be backed up with facts or logic. Statements like "This program rules!" or "CamelCaseSucks!" are better placed on /Talk pages.
  • When wikifying, there is no need to add a wiki link to every reference to a topic throughout the page, only for each of the first references in a wiki page or a relevant paragraph.
  • When making "see also" type links:
    • Please make sure the list of links you generate is as small as possible so as to not detract from the strength of the concept.
    • Make sure you create reciprocal links! If your topic is strongly related to a topic you link to, then it must be important for that other topic to link back!