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This page discusses the specifics of infoAnarchy Wiki, its functionality and how it differs from other wikis.

How is infoAnarchy's Wiki different from other wikis?

  • We use the MediaWiki engine.
  • We use Free Links for our wiki links, as opposed to CamelCase, otherwise known as humpback notation. In short, this means LinksLikeThis that some find difficult to read appear as Links Like This. See CamelCase vs Free Links for more.
  • Although iA does not encourage the use of direct HTML codes (i.e. <a href="href://"></a>, they are still sometimes used.
  • We have successfully dented the amount of spam entries to iA.

How is it subtly or culturally different from other wikis?

  • Our Mission Statement may differ from those of other wikis.
  • Where other wikis act as online encyclopedias, iA's wiki is themed. Content is based around information - be it attainment, use, security, rights or distribution. As is the case with other wikis, some pages fly off into tangents, but more often than not there is a subtle theme in even these tangential pages, binding everything together.
  • Since Wikis are interactive, many of our visitors are assumed to be interested in how they can interact with a tool or software.

Wikis about a given software or tool tend to be themed around how something can be put to use rather than what it might mean (activity versus research) but all germane information is welcome.

  • The use of Talk pages to push chatter into a subpage. This allows a main page to be clean and useful without being cluttered with comment after comment. (Sometimes a problem on Everything2.)
  • Even discussion chatter isn't particularly sacred. There's no harm done in pushing a conversation elsewhere under a more appropriate topic. In fact, doing so focuses related chatter and its participants.
  • Nobody signs and takes credit for any content on a main page. It is written and rewritten and improved at random by uncontrollable multitudes. Each addition and correction adds more and more love. Everyone takes pride in the efforts of the collective.
  • Occasionally, some visitors either misunderstand the wiki or decide to make unpleasant changes. This is called graffiti and is often tackled by regular visitors. In this way, the wiki regulates itself.


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